Real Estate Services

  • Advised Sale

    Advised Sale of Properties (Estates) of Sale

  • Product Visibility

    Entering the product into the database and office catalog, website and showcase

  • Negotiation and Signature

    Negotiation of price with a potential buyer and the signing of a Reservation contract for the Sale of the Property

  • Documentation management

    Preparation of the documentation for the signing of the deed and the application of all the necessary documents for the sale in designated Notary

  • Signature before a notary

    Advice on the signing of a public contract of sale before a Notary and the final settlement.

  • Advised Rental

    Property Rental Advice for the whole year

  • Custody of keys

    Custody of housing keys throughout the year

  • Tourist Rentals

    Rent of Tourist Housing

  • Show Properties for Sale

    Show a property for sale to a potential buyer who is not our client

  • Key delivery/collection

    Delivery and Collection of Keys for a Property for Tourist Rental

  • Financing

    Help Find Financing for Clients for The Sale of Properties with Sánchez

  • Sales

    Sanchez After-Sales Service

  • Tourist Office (OT/AL/0028)

    Tourist Information As Tourist Office That We Are (OT/AL/0028)

  • Turnkey

    Turnkey Service for Properties that have been Purchased and need to be furnished and equipped

housing for rent

Rental of real estate

Rentals (tourist or for the whole year) of real estate as a service to clients.

buy housing

How to Buy a Property

We accompany you throughout the purchase process.

buy a company

How to buy a Company

We make the sale, purchase and valuation of your company.

Real Estate Sanchez Real Estate Services

After-sales services

What happens after buying/renting a home?

energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency Certificate

Mandatory for all home sales and rentals (Energy Efficiency Certificate 3904 Royal Decree 235/2013, de 5 of April).

simple note


Councils, that will help you, to buy, Sell, rent the properties, or find investment projects.