We believe that for homebuyers it is very comforting to know that they can always count on our unique After-Sales Service. To be able to call or be in person at our office and be personally attended by our Agents or Director.

What happens next?

Buying a Property is a complicated experience and our after-sales service has been created to help you avoid all the setbacks. By becoming a member of the after-sales service, you are entitled to enjoy a number of advantages that begin in the first few days following your purchase. As for example, get help taking care of your home in your absence.

after-sales services

Many of the after-sales and advisory services we offer are free of charge

Some of them are paid. We are convinced that we will be very profitable for them. For example, one of the most complicated parts of buying a property in Almeria is to furnish it from afar.

after-sales services

For us after-sales services are not the main activity, so the prices are calculated in such a way that only staff costs are covered. Therefore our prices are much lower than the competition, while still offering services of the highest quality.

Choosing a home

Turning an empty property into a fully functioning home

Thanks to our team of professionals. The presence of electricians may be necessary, Plumbers, Upholsterers, Locksmiths, specialized cleaning companies, Decorators, Distributors, general maintenance staff, Etc.


Coordinate the installation process

In most cases, it is impossible for our customers to coordinate the installation process, which can sometimes last for several weeks.

We are in a position to propose complete furniture packages that include all the items that a house needs, since the big things, as kitchens, fridges and beds, to tablecloths, Sheets, Towels, Lamps, Pictures…

List of services After-Sales

  • Registration of electricity contracts, water, cadastre, Wastes

  • Formalization of home insurance

  • Assistance on major purchases

    furniture,Cars, Boats.

  • Design of construction projects or renovation of apartments and houses

    All kinds of repair and decoration work. Lawn and parks, terraced gardens and balconies. Interior (furniture, Lamps, curtains and other decorative objects).

  • Turnkey Housing Delivery

    Taking care of the Furnishing, Appliances, Aacc, Textiles and Household goods of all the Housing.

  • Find Sworn Document Translation Service

  • Enrolment of children in schools