Diego Sánchez Real Estate Manager

Inmobiliaria Sánchez

Diego Sanchez


Diego Sanchez, Profession Industrial Technical Engineer in Mechanics, graduated from the University of Jaén (Linares Polytechnic University School), Real Estate Manager and Advisor for ESINE and Family Hosteler.

15Years of Experience
in the sector

4 July 2005

Real Estate Office Sanchez and Sanchez


Now Inmobiliaria Sánchez & Sánchez, it's a company Tourist Services Real Estate, whose tourist office has as its mission to serve all the people and visitors of Carboneras, in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park (Almería).

We offer a wide and accurate tourist information of the Zone , Leisure and Fun, Accommodation, Buying and Renting Homes.

Diego Sánchez Inmobiliaria Sánchez in Carboneras


What are the steps to take if you decide Buy or Sell with us?


1. Selection and Advice

You will contact our office directly. We will answer all your questions, providing you with more detailed information about the properties of your interest, and we will advise you on the Buy/Hire process. Our Advisor, will proceed to show the properties that we have within the parameters set by you. After choosing a property, payment will be made for the Booking and the signing of a private Contract for Sale/Rental Reserve, with the owner of the property.


2. Terms of payment and other conditions

Price will be specified, payment terms and other terms of the transaction. Our deed department will check the current condition of the property again. Check as debts or charges that must be lifted before signing the public deed in the Corresponding Property Registry. During the period until the signature of the deed, our Specialist will prepare all the necessary documents, including the mortgage in case of loan purchase.

Key transfer

3. Public signature of the sale

Once everything is ready, publicly signed the sale before notary with the delivery of keys and all documents of the property. After signing in the notary, we will ensure that the registration of the deed will be processed in the property registry. If the customer wishes, you can sign a contract with us for after-sales service, so that our company takes care of everything after the purchase will be able to do it.